Lobstering in the Keys is one of the best things about the keys!  Everyone asks "what gear do we use?"  Here are our go too tools.  

If you don't have a metal lobster gauge get one!  They are more accurate and you will be able to keep that "borderline" lobster more times than not.

FISHING: Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna are one of the best tasting fish out there.  They are around year round in the keys and they can be tricky to catch if you don't have the right gear. 

For trolling use a combo of these 3; small feather, diving plug, and yo-zuri. Run them waaaayyy back from your boat. The ones here are my go to, Purple and black. Make sure you have plenty of lures, the sharks love to take your tuna and you will go through some lures.