The name Miloh (pronounced My - Lows) comes from our two Siberian Husky's Maya and Shiloh. They love the keys almost as much as we do.  

About Us

Miloh's is owned and operated by Aaron and Sarah Cooper.  The home is the result of our vision and dream to live in the keys year-round.  I (Aaron) have been vacationing in the keys with my parents for as long as I can remember.  The keys have been a place of fun, relaxation, and joy my entire life. Sarah, began coming to the keys for vacation as well and has always loved the ocean, beaches, and the tropical life the Florida Keys provides.  But never did either of us even dream that we could one day be able to live in this beautiful setting.
On our very first vacation to Key Colony Beach was in 2014, we were walking down the road on one the first nights on vacation, with Maya by our side.  We somehow began talking about how much we loved this particular key.  We both realized that this was the first place we have ever vacationed that actually felt like home.  Not that it was anything like our home, it just felt like it could be a home.

As I do, I casually researched the island, the homes, the market, and pretty much everything about the area.  For the next 2 years we kept our eye out for a property to buy in Key Colony, not just any key... Key Colony Beach.  One day in December the house showed up and by sheer luck we are in a position to be able to buy it.  After 4 long months, we closed on it. 

For seven months, we worked on this home with our contractors and designers to make it what it is today.  During those seven months of renovations, our plans were forced to change a bit and we would have to delay our full time move. 

Milohs has been remodeled to our taste, from the décor and colors, to the floor and trees. It was not intended to be used as rental property and its probably the main reason it stands out from all the other vacation rentals in the Keys. As it so happens, the final product makes for a beautiful vacation and retreat away from the world. 

This home is very special to us and is the product of a very long and sometimes painful journey to get here. But we are thankful to have such a special home and we hope that everyone who stays here enjoys it and loves it as much as we do.

Aaron and Sarah